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We are happy to announce a new technology for the fitting of contact lenses on eyes with irregular corneas. It is the S Map 3D Topoghrapher. This technology allows us to fit the most challenging corneas quickly, and with more accuracy than ever possible. Corneas that are heavily distorted due to Keratoconus, refractive surgery complications, etc., require lenses that avoid the cornea and land on the white of the eyes (Sclera.)     T3DMap2hese lenses are called “Mini Scleral” contact lenses.

They are a little larger than soft contact lenses, are extremely comfortable, and offer excellent vision.

What makes the S Map 3D Topoghrapher different is, we get information about the contour of the eyes way beyond the limits of any other
topographer. Now, we can, precisely, design a lens to match the contour of the entire eye using computer assisted design software that is accurate up to 10 microns (very accurate,) instead of using the trial and error method of the past. This method streamlines the fitting process and you get a better fitting, more comfortable lens.

These lenses are ideal for:

  • Keratoconus

  • Corneal Degeneration

  • Host versus Graft disease 

  • Corneal Transplant

  • Post Refractive Surgery Complications

  • Severe Dry Eyes

  • High or Irregular Astigmatism

  • Patients intolerant to soft or corneal rigid contact lenses

We also offer Care Credit so our patients can afford the eye care they deserve.

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